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STREAM AUDIO WHY WOMENWON’T FUCK YOU FREE STUFF LINK – Recorded on – Jan 15, 2018 on a LIVE Women want to Fuck You! What’s your excuse for not having good sex? You need to unfuck your mind. We make a ton of excuses for not having the life (let alone sex life) we want. I am too Asian, not tall enough, not enough money and so on, but we don’t understand women and what they are looking for. This is what we as men need to learn. HowRead More

Can You Grab The Proper Ingredient To Make This Recipe?

Do you know what cream of tartar is? Cooking new things is fun, but sometimes the recipe you’re using calls for ingredients that you might not be familiar with. Like cream of tartar — what even is that stuff?! Nickelodeon

Maze Runner Box Office: The Death Cure Kills Jumanji’s Reign At Number One

After spending four weeks in second place, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle went on a tear through January, taking the top spot for four weekends in a row. Now, however, its reign is over.

The First Look at Netflix’s Mute Is Foreboding And Cool

The new teaser for Netflix’s Mute offers the first footage of Duncan Jones’ latest sci-fi movie.

16 Practical Tips For Meal Prepping For One Person

You don’t have to eat the same thing every day. Andrew Richard/BuzzFeed We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best tips for meal prepping for one person. Disney/Pixar Freeze single portions of food in freezer baggies. “Plan ahead, look for sales, and always take the extra time when you get home from the store to portion out single servings and freeze them in a bag. Make sure to write in sharpie what it is, the amount, and the date.” —samlo Redphotographer / Getty ImagesRead More

Reps push slimmed-down bipartisan immigration plan

“A narrow bill is most important; the thing that we can get through our Congress, both houses, in the House and in the Senate,” Hurd told “Face the Nation”

Watch Hugh Jackman In The Fake Crocodile Dundee Movie

The fake Dundee movie continues to be the greatest fake movie with the reveal that it also has Hugh Jackman in it.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth on her many “firsts” as a politician

“I’ve been a little overwhelmed by how landmark it is when it shouldn’t be — it’s the 21st century,” said Duckworth of her pregnancy

Top WH aide: Trump never told me he wanted Mueller fired

“The president’s never intimated to me in any way the desire to fire Mueller,” Marc Short said

Sen. Duckworth on breaking barriers in the Senate

Senator Tammy Duckworth, D-Illinois, talks to guest host Nancy Cordes about her struggle with infertility and becoming the first senator who would give birth while in office.

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