Friday, January 12th, 2018


Makeup Artist Using Dead Insects on Her Eyes Goes Viral

Makeup artist Jasmine Ahumada is currently going viral for her insect-inspired eye makeup looks, which she uses real dead bugs to create. Learn more, here.

This Bride Used Her Engagement Photos as a Way to Share Her Struggle With Alopecia

[brightcove:5641991915001 default] From the high school student whose artist mother painted her bald head for her senior photos to the bride who chose not to wear a wig on her wedding day, more and more women with alopecia are using social media to celebrate and embrace their beauty. The latest is Makenzee Meaux, a bride-to-be who turned her engagement photo shoot into an inspiring way to reveal that she has the autoimmune condition to friends and family. In a now-viral Facebook post, Meaux uploaded a collage with three photos: One where she’s removing her wig, anotherRead More

Tattoo Artist Creates Rihanna Portraits Using Fenty Beauty Makeup

What better way to toast Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty than with badass body art of Rihanna created with Fenty Beauty products?

Bad flu season could be reaching its peak

U.S. health officials say this year’s flu outbreak is now widespread in every state except Hawaii. CBS News’ Danielle Nottingham has the latest.

2018 flu season appears to hit deadly peak

Flu is now widespread in 49 states and it will take weeks before the epidemic begins to subside, health officials say

What could we learn from Trump’s first physical?

President Trump will get his first physical exam Friday since taking office. CBS News has learned that he will fly to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland for a checkup with the White House physician. When he stepped into office last year, President Trump was the oldest person ever to become commander in chief. Jonathan LaPook reports.

Gordon Ramsay Got A Haircut, Now Looks Like The Last Guy Who Ghosted Me

*increases brightness on iPhone* This week, Gordon Ramsay is preparing for the grand opening of his first-ever Hell’s Kitchen-themed restaurant at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Its formal grand opening is on January 26. You can make reservations here. Erik Kabik/Caesars Palace To ready himself for all the photo opps to come, Ramsay also got a haircut. Disney 🚨 ISSA FADE, Y’ALL: 🚨 Erik Kabik/Caesars Palace Is it me or are the sides a little… aggressive??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Erik Kabik/Caesars Palace Here he is, legit looking like the last guy whoRead More

Parents sue for girl, 11, to use medical marijuana at school

An attorney representing an 11-year-old girl says she needs a cannabis patch and drops to combat seizures

CDC: Flu Hammering Country, With More to Come

The number of people stricken by the flu continues to increase across the U.S., closing schools and filling hospitals, according to the CDC. The resource:27

This Surprising Pantry Staple Can Fix a Broken Nail

[brightcove:4885713503001 default] Maybe your New Year’s Eve manicure is still looking top notch. Or maybe you’ve already managed to break a nail a day or two after your trending barely there mani. Either way, before you reach for the glue bottle or beeline to your nail salon, here’s a simple way to repair the damage: Grab a tea bag. Yes, you read that right. The commonplace kitchen item can help you fix a broken nail sans fuss or much hassle. As TODAY recently reported, all you need is a teaRead More

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