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ClinicalTrials.gov: Water Pipe Smoking

Source: National Institutes of Health – Related MedlinePlus Pages: Smoking

ClinicalTrials.gov: Tobacco Smoking

Source: National Institutes of Health – Related MedlinePlus Pages: Smoking Booking.com

ClinicalTrials.gov: Occupational Stress

Source: National Institutes of Health – Related MedlinePlus Pages: Occupational Health

ClinicalTrials.gov: Marijuana Use

Source: National Institutes of Health – Related MedlinePlus Pages: Marijuana

SEX ADVICE “3 Concepts” | TSL Podcast

STREAM AUDIO http://traffic.libsyn.com/tslpodcast/TSLP194_The_3_Concepts_of_Getting_Started_with_Sex__Dating.mp3 SEX  ADVICE FREE STUFF LINK – http://bit.ly/TSLP194 Recorded on – Jan 1, 2017 on an MD Excellence Call “Men’s perspective on pussy.” Today on the TSL Podcast Steve Mayeda talk about Sex Advice for the recovering PUA. Diving into how we get started with sex when we are meeting women. Getting sexual and having good sex is a huge part of life’s fulfillment. You may have seen Steve Mayeda 21 Convention, he’s a dating coach, life coach and he specializes in Sex, Addiction and Relationships. Sign up onRead More

How Can I Improve My Grip? (Hands and Otherwise)

Image: Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office via Flickr Happy belated new year, my swole women! I wanted to point out to you guys that I’ve organized all my columns by subject and with simplified questions on my website. Hopefully this will help you find what you need where you need it! Hello your High Swoleness, I’ve been lifting for years but have gotten more serious and made some strides this year, partially due to your informative column! Well, about a week ago I was doing a set ofRead More

Days Among The Dreadnoks

Image: mikequozl via Flickr My favorite G.I. Joe figurine was named Zarana, but that’s not what I called her. She was one of the Dreadnoks, a Cobra- (they’re the bad guys) affiliated biker gang with a “particular taste for chocolate-covered donuts and grape soda.” (Wikipedia.) I never knew any of this stuff during the time we played with our G.I. Joes; I never cared. Zarana had pink-orange hair and a midriff baring top (a straight strawberry-bubblegum pink) and blue biker pants and her skin changed color in the sunlight, butRead More

Commuting Fails: Crazy Drivers! (January 2018) | FailArmy


Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer – Ways to Protect your Prostate Naturally

Using this 21-Minute Method, You CAN Eat Carbs, Enjoy Your Favorite Foods, and STILL Burn Away A Bit Of Belly Fat Each and Every Day

Nicole Richie Embarrasses Her Kids & Their Pet Lizard By Dancing While Giving the Reptile a Bath

Nicole Richie is a pro at embarrassing her children and, it seems, her pets too. The style star shared a funny video of herself dancing while giving Speedy, her family’s new pet lizard, a bath as her 9-year-old daughter Harlow giggled and recorded it. “Mommy, Speedy’s embarrassed,” Harlow tells her mother as Richie proceeds to jump around her kitchen to Bobby Darin’s “Splish Splash.” In the caption of the video, Richie wrote, “Speedy had his 1st bath this weekend & it was a blast… even in a room full ofRead More

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