Thursday, January 4th, 2018


Release of bombshell book “Fire and Fury” moved up to Friday

The early release comes as President Trump’s personal lawyer has issued a cease and desist letter on the book’s publication

Trump makes appearance in WH briefing room, but on screen

President Trump delivered an on-screen video message to reporters in the White House briefing room Thursday afternoon Diverticular Diseases

Source: National Institutes of Health – Related MedlinePlus Pages: Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis

The hidden epidemic of perfectionism in millennials

Young people today are faced with enormous pressure to outperform their peers, which some psychologists link to mental health issues Cigarette Smoking

Source: National Institutes of Health – Related MedlinePlus Pages: Smoking

Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham: A budding bromance

The president and the Republican senator have had a combative history, to put it lightly, but they seem to be singing a different tune these days

Trump administration suspending security aid to Pakistan

The State Department announced the U.S. is suspending all security aid to Pakistan, after President Trump has leveled intense criticisms

Ivanka Trump Allegedly Also Makes Fun of Her Dad’s Hair, Says New Book

An excerpt of Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire and Fury,” a look inside Donald Trump’s White House, talks about how Ivanka Trump likes to make fun of her father’s hair.

Good News, Parents: Teens Are Delaying Having Sex

The proportion of high school students who’ve ever had sex decreased to 41 percent in 2015, continuing a downward trend from 47 percent in 2005 and 53 percent in 1995, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The resource:27

More U.S. Women Obese Before Pregnancy

Pregnancy experts fear this trend may threaten the health of mothers and their babies. The resource:27

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