Thursday, December 7th, 2017


Aquaman Will Look Into Arthur Curry’s Origin Story, Here’s What We Know

Jason Momoa has gone into more detail about how Arthur Curry’s origin will be explored in Aquaman.

All The Money In The World Release With Christopher Plummer Pushed Back

We’ve been hearing an inordinate amount about Ridley Scott’s All The Money in the World in recent weeks. Looks like it won’t be stopping soon.

Rose Gold Lipsticks to Try This Holiday Season

Rep. John Lewis canceling visit to civil rights museum over “hit man” Trump

Rep. Bennie Thompson also won’t attend

Lawsuit claims surgeon took Spanish test while operating

According to the lawsuit, the patient overheard her doctor say some alarming things while she was undergoing procedure

Starbucks Has A New Holiday Drink And It’s Kinda Legit TBH

It’s a lot. The holidays are nigh, so obviously Starbucks has a new Frappuccino to go with the festive mood. 🎉 NBC From today until Monday, Dec. 11, the coffee chain will be offering a Christmas Tree Frappuccino, that actually kind of looks like one.* 🎄 *If you squint your eyes and shake your Frap from side to side. Starbucks The holiday Frap is made with a peppermint mocha crème base (so, it’s coffee-free) + matcha whipped cream (!) + caramel drizzle + candied cranberries + a strawberry topping. It’sRead More

Palestinians will not meet with Pence, after Jerusalem recognition

Their refusal stems from the president’s announcement Wednesday that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

I Tested Out Popular Hanukkah Hacks And Here’s What Happened

Here’s what’s actually worth your time. Hanukkah is right around the corner, and we all know the best thing about any holiday is the amazing food. The CW (And let’s face it, you don’t even have to be Jewish to appreciate crispy potato pancakes and melt-in-your-mouth challah French toast.) CBS Pinterest is full of a ton of Hanukkah cooking and food hacks — so I decided to test out nine of the most popular. Pinterest Here’s how it all went! NBC DID IT WORK? Definitely. THE RESULTS: I used frozenRead More

Study: Genes Start Mutating Soon After Conception

The Yale University and Mayo Clinic scientists said that many of these mutations occur as sex cells are forming in the embryo. The resource:27

Have Eczema? No Need for Bleach Baths, Study Suggests

Doctors sometimes recommend a bleach bath, which is a mixture of a small amount of bleach in a pool of cool or warm water The resource:27

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