Saturday, November 25th, 2017


Here’s How Restaurant Kitchens Stay So Damn Clean

Because chefs are cleaning wizards. We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their best cleaning tricks they learned working in restaurants. Nickelodeon Use lemons to clean a greasy stovetop. “Messy/greasy stovetop? Use fresh lemons — it acts as a degreaser. Just place a halved lemon between a washcloth (lemon facing down) and use it as a scrubber.” —d48f1b19f0 Getty Images Use hydrogen peroxide to remove stubborn stains from chef whites (and any other laundry you may have stained). “Scrubbing with hydrogen peroxide and a few drops ofRead More

One Big Difference Between Making Blade Runner 2049 And Dune, According To Denis Villenueve

Blade Runner and Dune are both beloved science-fiction properties, but director Denis Villeneuve recently opened up and explained how working on Dune feels different compared to Blade Runner 2049.

Easy Casserole Recipes That Are Perfect For Cold, Dark Nights

Because melty, cheesy, and bubbling are qualities I look for in a recipe. Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed Macaroni and Cheese (and Broccoli) Casserole This casserole is the perfect dinner for picky kids and adults — it also freezes well for the perfect last-minute weeknight dinner. Get the recipe here. Mark Weinberg / Via Cheesy Potato Casserole Combining Corn Flakes and frozen hash browns might sound like a crazy idea, but this recipe bakes them into a delicious casserole perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get the recipe here. culinaryhill.comRead More

Nordstrom Rack Is Offering Up to 50 Percent Off M.A.C. Cosmetics Right Now

Nordstrom Rack is offering up to 50 percent off on M.A.C. Cosmetics right now, and you’ll want to stock up.

SISTER STYLE SWAP! Outfit Transformations!!

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Which Batman Comics Joe Manganiello Would Like To See Made In Live-Action

Most Batman fans already know the Batman comics that they want to see adapted into a film, and now Deathstroke actor Joe Manganiello has chimed in with his choice.

How Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Bridges The Gap Between Frozen And The Upcoming Sequel

While we’ll have to wait a while until Frozen 2 arrives, you can go back to Arendelle through the short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

What will become of welfare under Trump?

President Trump has said he wants to tackle the issue — but what kind of reform does he want?

Does Zack Snyder Even Want A Director’s Cut Of Justice League?

Many fans are calling for a director’s cut of Justice League, but what does Zack Snyder think of the petition for one? Now it seems that we may have some answers.

19 Tumblr Posts About “Chopped” That Are Both Gourmet And Hilarious

“You think Food Network really can’t afford a second ice cream machine for Chopped? Get real.” When this meme was perfectly applied to your favorite show: Or this one: When you realize there are basically only four types of Chopped contestants: When the last 10 seconds of a round is a roller coaster of emotions: When you can’t help but LOL at what the judges have to say: What you’d be like if you competed on Chopped: When you think of ways to mess up big-time on the show: WhenRead More

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