Tuesday, October 10th, 2017


Walt Disney Animation Has Cancelled One Of Its Big Upcoming Projects

Walt Disney Animation has some major follow-ups in the works, including Frozen 2 and Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, but it seems that the studio has axed the only non-sequel on their upcoming slate.

Decadent Maca Chocolate Cake

Add this superfood ingredient to your chocolate cake to create a health-boosting dessert.

There’s never a bad time for chocolate cake, especially when it has health-boosting ingredients like maca. In case you’re new to this superfood, it’s a Peruvian plant in the cruciferous family (think broccoli and cabbage) with tons of purported health benefits. It’s often ground into maca powder, which is what you’ll use in this recipe, and has been used medicinally in ancient Incan cultures to increase libido, energy, and mental clarity. Maca has other nutritional benefits as well, like added protein, fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium.

With this chocolate maca cake, you’ll also be getting antioxidants from the cocoa. The moist, smooth texture of this delicious cake will make it an instant crowd pleaser. Slice into 12 pieces and share the chocolate-y goodness at your next gathering, or save for a Valentine’s Day treat—so you can take advantage of the sex drive–boosting powers of maca.


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Study Debunks Notion That Epidurals Prolong Labor

Women had similar outcomes whether they got the anesthetic or a ‘dummy’ placebo The resource:27

Could We Soon See A Planet Of The Apes Movie With No Humans? Here’s What Andy Serkis Told Us

Apes only?

Avatar 2 Cast List: All The Confirmed Heroes And Villains

For the longest time, it seemed that those Avatar sequels were going to be the sorts of movies than languishing in development hell forever. However, over the last few months the wheels have begun to actually turn, and now it appears that these movies may actually happen.

Spirulina Sunflower Bars

The idea of adding blue-green algae to your morning meal may sound strange. But it’s actually a super-healthy (and tasty) move. In this oatmeal breakfast bar recipe, spirulina powder adds protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The green stuff may even help you ward off a cold: Studies have shown that spirulina boosts immune system function, so enjoying some of the algae at breakfast is a great way to start the day.

The bars also contain sunflower seeds, pepitas, and flaxseed, which provide fiber and more belly-filling protein. Raw honey supplies some sweetness, and if it’s from a local supplier, may help fight against allergies.

This recipe makes a nutritious on-the-go breakfast, but it’s also an easy-to-pack snack option for later in the day (and one that won’t leave you with the energy crash that follows a sugar-laden granola bar).

Mulberry-Apple Crisps

Guy Fieri Actually Hates His Famous Flame Shirt And Nothing In The World Makes Sense Anymore

Fashion is cancelled. Everyone knows who Guy Fieri is, right? National treasure, Food Network host, restauranteur, Anthony Bourdain’s archenemy, and lead singer of Smash Mouth. tenor.com Well, hearts everywhere broke and jaws dropped after he admitted he actually hates that famous flame shirt we picture him wearing at all times. tenor.com HE. HATES. HIS. FLAME. SHIRT. imgur.com “I think there’s way too much stereotyping. There’s a picture of me in a flame shirt that everybody loves. I get that picture sent to me when we do fan mail; it’s theRead More

Ovarian Reserve Tests Fail to Predict Fertility, NIH-Funded Study Suggests

Source: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development – Related MedlinePlus Pages: Female Infertility, Infertility, Menopause

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