Monday, July 10th, 2017


BelovedShirts Releases Avocado Swimsuit

When searching for your next beach outfit, consider this green, one-piece avocado swimsuit from BelovedShirts.

Using a Sheet Mask Every Day Is Actually Good for Your Skin

We asked a couple of dermatologists what the pros and cons are of using a sheet mask every single day.

Best Sex Toys You Can Get With Amazon Prime

If you’re looking to upgrade your sex toy collection, check out these Amazon Prime picks.

Low-Riders Are Back and I’m Not Here for It

The low-slung low-rider bottoms trend is apparently coming back, but this writer would rather it stay in 2003.

10 Questions for ‘Born This Way’ Star Megan Bomgaars

‘Born This Way’ star Megan Bomgaars talks fashion, fitness, and future projects. The resource:27

Kathy Bates Reflects on Life With Lymphedema

Award-winning actor and cancer survivor Kathy Bates shares her new outlook on life. The resource:27

Daily Jolt of Java May Bring Longer Life

Two large studies boost potential benefits of coffee, and one looked at consumption in all races The resource:27

Can ‘Love Hormone’ Help Kids With Autism?

Researchers seek to boost social abilities in small study The resource:27

Sleep Disturbances Linked to Alzheimer’s Risk

New research shows people with poor sleep habits have higher levels of proteins tied to Alzheimer’s. The resource:27

6 Things To Do With His Balls To Drive Him CRAZY (In A Good Way)

Photo: WeHeartIt While women love foreplay in the form of oral sex or having their breasts stimulated, men just can’t control themselves when they get a great blowjob or handjob. But his testicles are often overlooked, probably because you don’t know the ways to play with his balls. To give him the best pre-sex of his life, be sure to kiss them, suck them, play with them, and be incredibly careful you don’t hurt him in the process. Keywords: foreplay, men, oral sex, Penis, blowjob, playing with his balls, testiclesRead More