Wednesday, July 5th, 2017


Only Real Foodies Can Get Perfect On This “Odd One Out” Quiz

Spot the thing that isn’t like the others!

Will The Batman Movie Lead Into A Trilogy? Here’s What Matt Reeves Says

Batman movie director Matt Reeves has given some insight into how he’s approaching the Caped Crusader’s big screen future beyond just one movie.

Target Is Ditching the Mossimo and Merona Brands for New Labels

Target has made a change in its brand assortment, getting rid of some old favorites in anticipation of the introduction of some new designers.

Try This Heated Sheet Mask Hack During Your Next Spa Sesh

The latest Korean beauty trend you’ve never heard of: A heated sheet mask hack that actually works, according to the experts.

The Best Makeup Drops for Customizing Your Beauty Routine

Mix these makeup drops into your moisturizer for custom color-correcting, full-coverage, and illuminating foundation.

Sleep Problems: A Warning Sign of Alzheimer’s?

Small study found an association but didn’t prove link The resource:27

Bubbles the Chimp, Michael Jackson’s Former Pet, Is Star Artist in ‘Apes that Paint’ Miami Art Exhibit and Fundraiser  

This headline is not fake news. We repeat, there’s no monkey business here: Bubbles the Chimp, former pet of Michael Jackson the King of Pop, really is the star of a new art exhibition opening in Miami on July 21. PEOPLE spoke to Adam Brand, the owner of Frames USA art gallery and human mastermind behind the “Apes that Paint” show and fundraiser.  One of his customers at the gallery is a volunteer at the Center for Great Apes, a permanent sanctuary for rescued and retired chimps and orangutans that comeRead More

Allure Editors Share the Worst Hairstyles They’ve Ever Worn

Allure editors fess up about all the bad haircuts and dye jobs they’ve had in the past — and yeah, they’re pretty terrible.

What the Cluck? The PEOPLE Pet Vet Talks Responsible Chicken Ownership

Chickens are leaving the countryside and moving into the homes of the rich and famous. An increasing number of celebrities are becoming proud chicken parents, which is piquing the interest of other animal lovers. But what do you need to own a pet chicken responsibly? PEOPLE Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin is on the case. During his visit to the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, Dr. Antin met Johnnes Paul the owner of Omlet. Omlet is a company dedicated to making safe and attractive housing for animals, chicken coops included. AccordingRead More

Brooks Laich Says He’s a ‘Lucky Man’ to Be in Love with Fiancée Julianne Hough

Brooks Laich is lucky and in love! The NHL player, who is soon to wed Julianne Hough, took to Instagram on Wednesday to post a sweet tribute in his fiancée’s honor. “#wcw on these two angels!” he captioned a photo of the Dancing with the Stars judge cuddling up to one of the couple’s beloved pups — Lexi — on a hike overlooking Los Angeles. “Couldn’t get our other girl Harley out from the shade of the tree for the photo…..I’m a lucky man to be surrounded by love likeRead More

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