Tuesday, April 4th, 2017


Teen Mom OG’s Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra Not Amused by Backlash to Pregnancy Stunt: ‘The World Can’t Take Jokes Anymore’

Catelynn (Lowell) Baltierra and her husband Tyler are receiving backlash as a result of a pregnancy stunt that the Teen Mom OG star pulled Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, Catelynn, 25, revealed that she was wanting to have another baby with her husband. “Wahhh I’m ready for another baby @TylerBaltierra,” she tweeted. “Me too babe,” Tyler, 25, tweeted in response. @CatelynnLowell me too babe — Tyler BaltierraMTV (@TylerBaltierra) April 4, 2017 Just a few hours later, the MTV personality made a fake announcement on Instagram that she was pregnant with their thirdRead More

John Oates Felt Like He Was Going to Die After Learning He Lost Millions — and How He Won It Back

John Oates — part of the Hall and Oates hit-making duo — had a panic attack so severe after he learned he was broke that he thought he was dying. The scene is highlighted in his new memoir, Change of Seasons, in which he also reveals how he eventually recouped some of that well-earned money. “Daryl and I were always isolated from all that,” Oates writes of his knowledge of his band’s finances. “In a sense, the situation was not dissimilar to that of a dysfunctional family. We were the kids, encouraged toRead More

Why Ares Was Chosen As Wonder Woman’s Villain, According To Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins explains why Wonder Woman the main reason the movie decided to use Ares as the main villain.

Cats Absorb Flame Retardants – How About Kids?

Cats test positive for harmful chemicals found in house dust, so tots might, too, study suggests The resource:27

Orwell’s ‘1984’ back in theaters in stand against ‘alternative facts’

“They’re occurring today, April 4th, because that’s the day in 1984 when Winston, the main character, starts his diary, that is his first act of rebellion against the totalitarian state,” says a Film Society of Lincoln Center organizer. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

The Absolutely Dismal Amount Of Money Shia LaBeouf’s New Movie Made At The UK Box Office

Man Down’s UK box office haul is about as low as it gets. Read ahead to find out how dismally Shia LaBeouf’s newest movie performed financially.

Create A Sampler Platter And We’ll Guess Your Age And Height

This platter matters.

If You Get 8/10 On This Cupcake Test, You’re A Logic Genius

Sweet, sweet logic. Welcome, master logicians and cupcake enthusiasts! Below, I’m going to present you with a scenario involving cupcakes, and I’ll also provide you with some clues that will help you figure it out. Then I’m going to ask you some questions. OWN / Via giphy.com Every answer can be figured out logically, so you shouldn’t have to guess. Really. I promise. TBS / Via giphy.com BEN, FARRAH, MATT, and SARAH each brought a different number of cupcakes for the BuzzFeed bake sale. (TBH, they’ll probably end up eatingRead More

This Is How Much You’ll Spend on Beauty Products in Your Lifetime

High Thyroid Hormone Levels and Stiffer Arteries

Measuring these levels might help identify people at risk of heart disease, researcher says The resource:27