Friday, September 16th, 2016


High Noon Is Getting Remade, With This Interesting Change

Nowadays, the Western genre isn’t nearly the powerhouse it once was, which is why the newly-announced High Noon remake will be taking a different approach with its story.

Why Bryan Cranston Wants To Play Mister Sinister So Bad

Bryan Cranston wants to play Mister Sinister in an X-Men movie, and he has a very specific reason for wanting this role.

Spawn 2 Will Make A Lot Of Changes From The Original, According to The Film’s Writer

Spawn writer, Todd McFarlane, recently opened up regarding how Spawn 2 will differ from the original 1997 film. Get the details!

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New Skin Software Predicts Post-Treatment Results

New skin treatment software from ModiFace predicts how your skin’s problem areas will look after various skin treatments.

The MOTI Robot Can Help You Build Good Health Habits

This new device lights up, vibrates, and chimes to encourage you to form better habits, like working out more and flossing.

J.W. Anderson’s Pierce Bag Has Become a Street-Style Essential

The new “It” bag makes the modern rebelliousness of facial piercings accessible (and painless) to all.

Allure “Mothers & Daughters” Episode 3: Pakistani Women Discuss Shifting Beauty Standards

In Allure’s latest “Mothers & Daughters” episode, two Pakistani women share their wildly different perspectives on modesty, fashion, and living in America.

Would You Try An Alarm-Clock Vibrator?

The Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator wakes you up as it gets you off, with 27 intensity levels and much more.

Sound Waves: Rx for High Blood Pressure, Migraine?

Sound therapy balances brain signals, researcher says The resource:27