Sunday, August 28th, 2016


22 Of The Most Offensive Things That Have Happened To Breakfast

Can’t we all just agree to eat toast and be done with it? This mayonnaise monstrosity. Reddit: kirky365 / Via These buffet “scrambled” “eggs”. Reddit: Bombaysche / Via This toast sandwich. Reddit: JP147 / Via This extremely rude pancake. Reddit: AnotherSmegHead / Via View Entire List ›

Yoda Just Showed Up At A Major League Baseball Game With A Warning, Check It Out

If somebodies up to no good then there’s like a 50% chance Yoda will show up to set them straight. Here’s how Yoda made an appearance at a Major League Baseball game.

New Hilarious Marvel Video Reveals What Thor And Hulk Were Doing During Civil War

A hilarious new video has hit the web showing where Thor and Hulk were during the events of Captain America: Civl War.

Why Emily Blunt Prefers Working With Women

Women can get a bad rap when it comes to their relationships with each other, but sometimes things are blown out of proportion. Emily Blunt explains why she actually prefers to work with women over men.

Funny Animal Fails | 2016 Animal Compilation from FailArmy


Ghostbusters’ VFX Reel Is Gorgeous, Check It Out

A new video has just hit the web showcasing how Paul Feig and the crew behind Ghostbusters managed to create all of those awesome VFX shots.

One DC Actor Is Ready To Be The Next Wolverine, Here’s What We Know

With Hugh Jackman hanging up the claws and mutton chops, it’s finally time for a new Wolverine to take the stage. Find out which DC actor wants his shot at the iconic Marvel character.

Weekend Link Love – Edition 415

Check out my interview with Kathy Smith. I so enjoyed watching Kathy’s daughter Kate run in the Olympic 800 meter finals in Rio this weekend! Tag someone you think would be an excellent Primal Kitchen Restaurants owner and you’ll be entered to win a 3-pack of PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Chipotle Lime Mayo and a 3-pack of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. Are you a health coach? Learn how to land that first client. Research of the Week Two years of using a standing desk at school lowers BMI in kids (and no, theyRead More

How Much Are These Crazy Kitchen Products?

Can you really put a price tag on a 3-foot-tall pepper shaker?


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