Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016


Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens Give 3 Ken Dolls Terrifying Makeovers

I’ll preempt this post with this: I’ve never seen a full episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. (For some reason, I always felt like Jeopardy! was a better choice, so as a result I can’t even tell Acid Betty, Bob the Drag Queen, Chi Chi Devayne, and—my personal favorite—Dax Exclamationpoint apart.) But after watching this hilarious/awful/terrifying video of the queens (Queens?) giving Ken Dolls a much-needed makeover, I’m seriously regretting not spending more time with them.

Are You Overusing Nasal Spray?

Nasal sprays may ease nasal congestion, but overusing them can backfire into a condition called rhinitis medicamentosa. The resource:27

Honesty, Asexuality, and the Un-Recloseting

1. I can’t talk to my friends about this, because they all think my girlfriend and I have the perfect relationship. We met through Craigslist casual encounters, and started out as fuck buddies. Which was fun! No shame there. Gradually, we fell head over heels in love with each other. She was talking marriage by the fourth month we were together, all that kind of stuff. She was an AMAZING girlfriend who went over and above (weekly cookie care packages! lovely love texts nightly! sweetest letters ever!). I was aRead More

How to Make Any Lipstick You Own Look More Pigmented

“Nuclear peach” was how makeup artist Lynsey Alexander explained the lipstick color she used backstage at Rochas today. The bright, matte shade, which looked similar to some of the shades in the clothes, also reflected the collection’s slightly ’60s vibe. “The thing is, all these peach, pastel shades are very sweet and girlie, and we wanted to make the girls look tougher and cooler,” said Alexander. And the way she did that was to use a quick trick that could come in handy when you’re doing your own makeup andRead More

Substance Use in Women and Men Infographic

Source: National Institute on Drug AbuseRelated MedlinePlus Page: Drug Abuse

Teens and E-cigarettes

Source: National Institute on Drug AbuseRelated MedlinePlus Page: E-Cigarettes

New York gets new contemporary art and perfomance space

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York opens a new branch called the Met Breuer to highlight contemporary works. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

The One Thing That’s Causing Your Bacne, According to Kendall Jenner’s Derm

Isn’t it a relief to know that Professional Attractive Person Kendall Jenner is also a real person who suffers from acne? She may be a supermodel, but she, too, gets pimples. She even gets them on her back. In a new video on Jenner’s website, her dermatologist, Christie Kidd, shares a surprising reason many people get bacne.

Dating Myself

November 2003: I am barely 23, married, and a newly christened mommy to a nursing, doesn’t sleep much, what some would call high needs, six-month-old baby. I have spent the past half-year mostly alone (aside from the man I am married to) because all my young friends are busy drinking wine coolers and generally doing things that do not involve the constant holding of a very small person. I am oh so in love with my baby and my husband, but also pretty depressed with my frumpy, no-fun self. So whenRead More

How To Write A Thank-You Note

My New Year’s resolution! It’s to start writing thank-you letters. I don’t write thank-you letters because I am a terrible person. And when I think about how I don’t write thank-you letters and how that makes me a terrible person, I get this crushing anxiety that totally dissuades me from actually doing anything to change it! (Crushing anxiety would probably be a bit of a melodramatic overstatement, but you know what I’m saying?) So! Do you know any tips for making writing thank-you notes easier/bearable/not just thank-you notes but ChristmasRead More