Monday, September 7th, 2015


Meet the longest legs in the west… at a whopping 49 inches

SHE’S got the longest legs in America and is the envy of her friends – but life’s not always sweet for Lauren Williams.

Scientists hail new Alzheimer’s drug that ‘mends’ brain

A DRUG that “repairs” mental decline could prove a breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, scientists said last night.

Ten things you never knew about… literacy

Today is International Literacy Day which has been held on September 8 since 1966.

Looking for your ‘forever home’? Most Britons expect to be living in it by 44

OPTIMISTIC Britons expect to buy their ‘forever home’ by the age of 44 – but many past that age have found such a place has never existed.

Daryl Hannah Really Hates The Film Roles Hollywood Keeps Offering Here

Even when an actor has a big, profile-boosting role, that doesn’t always mean they’re in for a sustained upswing. Such is the case of Daryl Hannah after her badass role in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill saga gave her career a boost in 2003 and 2004. She recently spoke about kind of roles she’s been offered in the years since, candidly calling them, “mostly crap.” In an interview with The Sunday Times, the 54-year-old actress was asked if this state of affairs bothers her. While she initially said that she’s notRead More

5 Characters Who Could Be Wonder Woman’s Main Villain

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice about six months away from release, and Suicide Squad entering post-production, attention is slowly turning towards Wonder Woman, the next movie up on DC’s film slate. So far, the only characters confirmed for that film are the eponymous heroine (played by Gal Gadot) and her love interest Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine), and while we’re eager to see who will comprise the rest of the supporting cast, the big question is who will be chosen as the 2017 blockbuster’s central antagonist. WonderRead More

Apparently Every Single Thing About Batman v Superman Is Great, According To Jesse Eisenberg

With about half a year left before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters, the stars of the film find themselves in a particular predicament. They really can’t talk at length about their roles in the project due to contracts, and yet members of the press are constantly asking about it. As a result, the actors have to start reaching for stuff to talk about – and case in point, we now have Jesse Eisenberg now looking at the production up and down and complementing it. Eisenberg droppedRead More

Powerful Drink That Will Shrink Belly Fat Overnight

Now seems the perfect time to consider burning belly without spending a lot of money on expensive supplements. All you need is simple mixture of natural food with powerful capacity to enable you an ideal figure. Pineapple is loaded with nutrients beneficial for health. It has pleasantly rich, sweet taste which naturally cools body. Pineapples are considered as waistline-friendly as they aid the melting of fats around abdomen. They effectively reduce sugar cravings and are natural way to get smaller waist size. In addition, they improve blood circulation and strengthen immunity which consequentlyRead More

How Sam Elliott Feels About Playing Cowboys Over And Over Again

Sam Elliott has nearly 100 titles on his professional acting resume, and while many of those projects have given him the opportunity to play complex and different parts, the movie-going public really knows him for playing one: the cowboy. Few actors have ever looked better on the big screen sporting a giant mustache and ten gallon hat, and as a result the guy has found himself roaming around movie sets dressed as the Old West for his entire career. You might think he would get tired of this shtick afterRead More

Underwater Egyptian city of mystery on exhibit

‘The Mysteries of Osiris’ exhibition in Paris showcases rare ancient Egyptian artifacts discovered underwater off the Egyptian coast in 2002. Gavino Garay reports.