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Pros of Vegan Condoms: The Healthy Benefits For Lasting Sex

3 reasons why standard condoms are bad for us, and 4 reasons why vegan condoms are healthy and satisfying for us. Keywords: sex, condoms, vegan, sex advice, relationship, couples sex Bookmark/Share this post with: read more

Vegan Condoms: No It’s Not A Lettuce Wrap

Yes, it’s true there are condoms that are certified vegan and no…you can’t eat them. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian, vegan condoms should be the only ones you use. What if you are not vegan? They should still be the only condoms you use for the healthiest and most eco-sexual sex life you can have and here is why. 3 Reasons Why Standard Condoms Are Bad For Carnivores and Vegans Alike Bookmark/Share this post with: read more

Common Diabetes Meds Tied to Lower Risk for Parkinson’s

Study can’t prove cause and effect, but saw dip in odds for people taking drugs such as Actos and Avandia Booking.com The resource:27

Christine and the Queens, “Saint Claude EP”

I really liked Mary H.K. Choi’s profile of Héloïse Letissier, the French singer who performs under the name Christine and the Queens, in T magazine; her music is the perfect accompaniment for standing at your office window, squinting, trying to tell if it’s raining and if the risk of not carrying an umbrella outweighs the freedom of walking down the street with only cash in your pockets. I like having a soundtrack for making low-stakes decisions.

Black Bear Eats 20 Pounds of Dog Food Then Takes Epic Cat Nap on Lawn

Food comas are a problem across all species

Why It’s Seriously AWESOME That Donald Trump Never Apologizes

CBS Seriously, there’s a silver lining to this. Keywords: politics, politician, Donald Trump, president, election, candidate Bookmark/Share this post with: read more

RIP International Male

The International Male catalog is so engrossing that our pal Dodai wrote about it in 2008 and wrote about it again in 2009. I mean, how could she not? It’s so real. In any event, the very end of the line has at last come for International Male. At one point Brawn of California, then Hanover Direct, it eventually morphed into just Undergear and now that too is fading from this harsh world. Goodbye International Male! You were sexy in a world that didn’t respect your garish ways. You knowRead More

Should You Ditch Your Beach Umbrella?

Say you’re a sun protection boss: You’ve slathered on the SPF 50. Your phone alarm is set to remind you to reapply. You have a hat and sunglasses. You’re probably even wearing a rash guard with UPF. But could you be doing more?

Not Another Teen Movie

In the words of Barbara Amiel, wife of Conrad Black, woman of letters, tireless advocate for the elite: Since time immemorial, people of limited or average ability and energy have consoled themselves that they understand the more important values in life, such as relationships and intimacy, as though these things were not available to energetic, talented people. This is a literary convention that fuels many a work on stage and screen as well as between covers. One of the commonest ways by which this is done is to depict theseRead More

Donald & Co.: Keep Track of the Many Ducks of Disney World with This Feather-Friendly Instagram Account

Donald and Daisy may be the biggest ducks at Disney World, but they aren’t the only ones quacking around

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