Wednesday, February 11th, 2015


The Husband Did It

by Alice Bolin “It’s always the husband. Just watch Dateline,” Gillian Flynn writes in her novel Gone Girl, telling a public who gawked through the OJ Simpson and Scott Peterson trials what they already know. Flynn’s novel, along with David Fincher’s faithful 2014 movie adaptation, is the subversive American noir of the Court TV era. It features two remarkably odious narrators: Amy Dunne is cruel, self-important, and vindictive, as she meticulously frames her husband for her own murder to punish him for cheating on her. Her husband, Nick Dunne, isRead More

Lamborghini Bali Bullrun 3 Indonesia Fashion Tv

Watch the highlights of the Lamborghini Bali Bullrun 3 in

World’s most expensive painting on display in Switzerland

Gauguin’s $300 million painting “When Will You Marry?” is on display in Switzerland until June. Sharon Reich reports.

Australia’s Oldest Man Spends Free Time Knitting Tiny Sweaters for Injured Penguins

Alfred Date also knits scarves for friends and hats for premature babies

Dog Takes Control When He Realizes His Derpy Sibling Just Doesn’t Get It

This dog isn’t about to let anything stand in the way of him and the dog park, even family

Wedding Town

by Allison Gruber My mother first saw my namesake in the OBGYN waiting room—a model in a bicentennial bikini smiling from the wrinkled, worn pages of a magazine. “She was pretty,” my mother told me. “Her name was Allison.” That was the entirety of the name origin story. Nothing terribly meaningful or symbolic—a pretty model had my name before I did. By the time I learned this I was deep in my gawky adolescence, already realizing that “pretty” wasn’t necessarily something a girl was but rather something she did. Bewildered,Read More

How Hamsters Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love this tiny calls for a big celebration

Water That Speaks For Itself

by The Hairpin Sponsors Brought to you by Niagara. Recently, Niagara Water disguised themselves as a phony water brand, Astoria. Why? As a prank to demonstrate that they are in the business of selling pure, delicious water — not hype. Niagara staged a phony, high-end tasting event in Los Angeles, with an even phonier water sommelier. Tasters fell for the hype, believing the outrageous, extravagant claims made about Astoria water, including how it’s “30.5% wetter than normal water.” Check out their reactions when the sommelier reveals they are actually drinkingRead More

Hold My Calls

by Jazmine Hughes The Spice Girls just released four new songs. BRB. 0 Comments

World’s Oldest Living Cat Is Turning 27

Age ain’t nothing but a number for Tiffany, a tortoiseshell kitty with lots of personality