Friday, February 6th, 2015


The Basement

by Ariana Kelly The last home a carpenter finishes is his own, though he never really finishes it. My father built the basement first. We lived in it for ten years before he had enough money to build a house above it, in time for the birth of my brother. The house has remained partially sided, painted, and insulated for twenty-five years. Cedar siding periodically gives way to knotted plywood; scaffolding obscures the north face; and a deck wraps around three-quarters of the first floor and then free falls intoRead More

WATCH: Sheep Raised By Dogs Thinks She’s Part of the Pack

Pet the lamb was raised by a group of border collies and now acts more like a dog than a sheep

Cat Breaks Out of Shelter After 20 Minutes and Returns to Original Rescuer

A month after being given up to an animal shelter, the “fancy” feline finds his way back to his original rescuer’s house

The Daily Treat: Manny the Frenchie Wants to Keep You Healthy and Happy

See how this Internet star is fighting the #DogDaysofWinter

Limericks For Lost Online Dates

by Jen Winston His profile was love at first sight We both liked The Onion—–my knight! But I dropped my phone And then he was gone And so was my chance to swipe right Who cares if I really hate sports And for work, he writes “baseball reports”? It’s only one date I mean, this could be fate! Nope, nevermind, he’s the worst This is a bad conversation “When will Seinfeld end syndication?” I don’t know the answer But know you are a cancer And I much prefer masturbation HisRead More

What’s Miley’s Latest Tattoo? See Who the Star Honored with Her New Ink

“I hate goodbyes,” Cyrus posted of her pet fish who died

This Cat Will Dig You Out of Any Snowstorm

Who needs a snowplow when you have a cat that works this quick?

Bruce Jenner May Change the Game

by Jazmine Hughes Generally, the reporting on Jenner’s gender struggles has been left to the tabloids, which have covered it as you’d expect. Last month, In Touch ran a hatchet job cover that showed Jenner photoshopped as a woman. Just last week, People ran four separate stories on Jenner and the rumors of his ABC News sit-down. It’s been treated as a complete and total joke. But even if the rumors—which are so widespread at this point that all that’s really left is to put a ring on ’em withRead More

Adopt Me! Eeyore’s Full-time Job Is Winning Hearts

The Chihuahua/terrier mix is completely deaf but that doesn’t slow him down one bit

Mystery Clock

by Haley Mlotek What could this be?!?!?!!??! 3 Comments