Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015


Movie Gets Poster

by Haley Mlotek I approve of this image. 0 Comments Booking.com

Funny Video: 3-Week-Old Boxer Puppy Discovers the Power of His Own Howl

Tobias Snarfle the dog has found his voice, and won’t stop using it


Meet Hunter Hayes’s Adorable New Rescue Dog

The singer says the greyhound “runs really fast” but is “really mellow”

New Doc Details Man’s Sexual Affair with a Dolphin

Malcolm Brenner’s summer-long fling with a marine mammal named Dolly is the subject of Dolphin Lover

“Reservoir Bitches”

by The Hairpin This week’s Casting Couch is by special request—Reservoir Dogs is the favorite movie of one Anna Fitzpatrick, our totally real and not at all imaginary staff writer, we present: Ms. White, Ms. Orange, Ms. Blonde, Ms. Pink, Ms. Blue, Ms. Brown, Nice Gal Eddie, and Jo in the all-women version of Reservoir Dogs. YOU’RE WELCOME, HOLLYWOOD. Harvey Keitel = Viola Davis This role requires toughness and vulnerability, an actor who can break someone’s skull and have their heart broken too. Davis is all of those things everyRead More

Meet Atchoum: The Internet’s Newest, Furriest Cat Sensation

Atchoum has hypertrichosis, which causes excessive hair growth

Michelin stars awarded to 46 new restaurants

Dozens of French chefs are awarded Michelin stars for their culinary excellence in Paris. Tara Cleary reports.

What I Learned From Following a Different Dating Guide Every Month

by Melissa Pimentel A few years ago, frustrated by my inability to meet a normal, non-psychopathic man with whom to have regular sex, I decided to turn my love life into a sociological experiment. Every month, I followed a different dating guide and recorded the effect it had on my test subjects (i.e., guys I was dating). The experiment, which started as a blog and became the basis for my first novel, was enlightening and distressing in equal measures. Here’s what I learned during my time as a low-rent MargaretRead More

WATCH: Dog Rescued by Helicopter from Rushing L.A. River

He’s being called Lucky, and his rescuers are asking the public’s help in finding his rightful owners