Friday, January 23rd, 2015


Miss Universe Soul of Cooking Contest Presented by Badia Spices Badia Spices presents the Miss Universe Soul of Cooking Contest, where 10 contestants serve up a dish representing their country’s cuisine. Who will impress the judges with their country’s flavors? See who takes home the crown on January 25th @ 8pm/7c on NBC. Stay Connected! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @MissUniverse Store: Category: The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant

Hugh Jackson lights up Empire State Building

Hugh Jackman celebrates Australia Day by flipping a ceremonial switch to light up the Empire State Building green and gold. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Her Fortitude Is Godlike: A Tribute to Cecelia Ager

by Hazel Cills I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t love clothes. As a teenager, I sought out fashion wherever I could: collections, editorials, movies. I poured over fashion magazines and blogged about what clothing meant to me until I started writing about fashion for websites as an actual job. But like many other women writers I know, I’ve tip-toed at the gate of certain realms of writing because I just couldn’t think I could do it. I only wrote about clothes; my voice wasn’t right; I was, well,Read More

From Books to ‘SNL’ to Pixar to a Sitcom with Simon Rich

by Jane Hu There are a few observations critics almost always make about Simon Rich: how young he is, how much younger he looks, and how much he’s accomplished regardless. The next move usually is to list his accolades: when Rich graduated from Harvard (having served as president of the Harvard Lampoon) he already had a two-book deal from Random House as well as an offer to be the then-youngest writer on Saturday Night Live. After four years working at SNL, Rich spent the next two at Pixar. During thisRead More

Misplaced Nostalgia

I recently came across a fantastic old photo of Hollywood legend Ava Gardner applying eyebrow pencil. Her hair, her clothing, her flawless skin—everything screams vintage glamour. And let me tell you, she is beautiful, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that her entire generation of stars deserves the same distinction. As a culture, we seem to attach romantic notions to our past. There is a sense that Hollywood’s “Golden Era” was somehow better than the modern generation. It’s a kind of cultural amnesia and strong feelings of nostalgia lead us toRead More

Drake Lyric or Sex and the City Quote?

by Sarah Beller 1. “The game ain’t always fair and that’s the thing though. You can play your heart out, everybody don’t get a ring though.” “The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.” “I love em all, I just love me more.” “I love you…but I love me more.” “I’m the type to have a bullet-proof condom and still gotta pull out.” “I’ll tell you how to babyproof. Use a condom!” “Still just as skinny as you metRead More

Glee’s Dot-Marie Jones Wants to Make the Transgender Community Proud

Glee isn’t holding back in its final season. In last Friday’s episode, Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) revealed to Sue (Jane Lynch) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) that she had made…

Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber: “Bitch Stole My Look!”

Miley Cyrus had a message for Justin Bieber when she recently ran into the newly platinum blonde “Boyfriend” singer. “I saw him the other day and I had to say, ‘Bitch…

Sam Taylor-Johnson Covers Red, Reveals “Hardest Thing” About Directing Fifty Shades of Grey

Sam Taylor-Johnson knew directing Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie, would be quite an undertaking. She understood, too, that the film, based on the first book of E.L. James’ erotic…

Slow-Moving Cone Snail Kills Fish, Inspires Us All

by Anna Fitzpatrick My favorite line in this National Geographic piece about how slow-moving cone snails kill fish by trapping them in a cloud of insulin, putting them in a sugar coma, and then consuming them, is this: “It looks like the fish is completely narced,” says Christopher Meyer, a cone snail specialist at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, who wasn’t involved in the study. (If you click the word “narced” in the piece, it links you to the definition) I like to think that Christopher MeyerRead More