Tuesday, January 20th, 2015


Controversial Opinions Post

by Haley Mlotek I have this ~controversial~ opinion—you probably already know what it is since I will absolutely never shut up about it—that the best fashion writing almost never comes from fashion writers, and only very rarely from traditional mainstream fashion publications. The fashion writing I’m interested in happens, I guess, on the margins of other topics: class, gender, race, labor, wealth, politics, film. That’s where writers often let down their “no clothes are dumb gross why would I write about clothes” guards and share something personal, or meaningful, orRead More

Chasing Validation – 117

Chasing Validation The key to living a good sexual life means you stop making it about women and you start making it about you. For many reasons men and women chase what they are supposed to have when it comes to their personal identity rather than look at who they are. This has turned into many different distortions. One of them is chasing validation. We see it over and over again with both men and women. Just the other day I was looking at an article about how an asianRead More


HOW DO I BREAK UP WITH HER? thesexuallife.com/116 If you want to learn how to be good with women you’re going to have to learn how to have a relationship, end a relationship and perhaps even why you want a relationship in the first place. This is where TSL has so much of its power as a men’s group. For the past 10 years we have been teaching social dynamics but in a group setting, building up a massive alumni who’s experience is unmatched. As a collective group we haveRead More

Working Girl

by The Hairpin Working Girl has been on my mind lately; after Mike Nichols passed away in November, I was inspired to re-watch the 1988 comedy starring Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, Harrison Ford, and a super slimy Alec Baldwin. So, let’s Lean In™ (sorry not sorry) and recast it for 2015. You’re welcome, Hollywood. Melanie Griffith = Jennifer Lawrence J. Law has proven adept at Acting While Wigging (AWW) with her bouffant in American Hustle; she nailed the regional accent in the same film; and technically she broke through aRead More

Forget the Knicks, Here Are the Chicks

by Jazmine Hughes It is a truth universally acknowledged that any tween girl who goes by “Flash” is a better person than you ever will be, and, my God, if she also has friends nicknamed Koko, Beans, and Megatron, then you might as well pack your bags, because there’s a new queen in town, and it sure as hell isn’t you. These are some of the members of the Central Illinois Xpress basketball team, recently profiled by the New York Times as part of its “Not the Knicks” series, inRead More

@SandyHonig on Growing More Confident in Her Dad Jokes

by Jenny Nelson Sandy Honig is a photographer and comedian living in New York City. She photographs and writes for Rookie Mag and performs around the city. On Twitter, Honig’s account is a good one to follow for excellent, well-worded, and often impressively concise jokes. She recently took some time to talk to me about three of those jokes, how her friends describe her sense of humor and some of her favorite works where photography and comedy meet. for upper body I usually do 20 reps of hitting the side of a glass ketchup bottle andRead More

A Story With A Rhyme: An Interview With Aisha Franz

by Georgia Webber Interviewing is a great way to discover how much communication happens in between words, particularly in the ‘uh, um’ moments, knowing nods, and nervous laughter. My conversation with German artist Aisha Franz included many of these moments; her, speaking her third language (German first and Spanish second) and me, realizing that my native language habits are far from flattering despite 25 years of practice. The pages of Earthling, her first English release (out with Drawn & Quarterly), are equally distributed between three women: Mädchen, a young girlRead More

Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler’s Farewell

http://www.missuniverse.com Gabriela reflects on her year as Miss Universe before she gives up her crown. See who takes home the crown on January 25th @ 8pm/7c on NBC. Stay Connected! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissUniverse Twitter: https://twitter.com/MissUniverse Instagram: @MissUniverse Store: http://bit.ly/1qLluQG Category: 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant – Contestant Interviews

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Has Blessed Us With A New Short Story

by Jazmine Hughes The Minister asked my father about his family, and my father told him everyone was fine. The Minister asked how many children he had, and my father said none yet, but that his wife was pregnant and due in a few weeks. (My mother as pregnant with me.) Then the minister asked a question that startled my father. “How many of your children have died?” Cancel all your meetings. [Matter] 2 Comments

Majid Jordan, “Forever”

by Haley Mlotek The latest music video from Majid Jordan is a list of all the best places in Toronto; for example, the mall with my favorite post office (the staff are consistently fast and mean, the best kind of people) is at 0:31, Allan Gardens at 1:11, the library where I’ve written my least-garbage articles is at 2:54, etc. etc. Watching it makes me homesick, and I haven’t even left this dumb country yet! (h/t Anupa Mistry) 0 Comments