Thursday, January 15th, 2015



by Haley Mlotek I worried that my mother would hang up. Over the previous year, I’d been distant with her, but I knew she was the only one who would understand the fears that had been bubbling inside me, for years. I worried she would ignore my questions, or even pretend that her outrage about my premarital sex was more important than what I was asking. Instead, she told me about how, when she was a teenager, she saved up pocket change for Harlequin romances. “All I wanted was toRead More

The Problem with Poehler and Fey’s Golden Globes Cosby Joke

by Carvell Wallace In what is perhaps the most French thing to ever happen, a handsome, stubble-faced marcher wearing a manscarf at the Charlie Hebdo rally was photographed holding a sign that said: “I’m marching, but I’m aware of the confusion and hypocrisy of the situation.” I love this guy because this is precisely how I feel about a great many political and social things and most recently, the 2015 Golden Globes. By now we’ve all heard that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler went in on Bill Cosby in theirRead More

Schoolhouse Rock, the Foundation of This Country

by Jazmine Hughes The idea for the show first occurred to David B. McCall, then president of McCaffrey and McCall Advertising, while he was on vacation with his family at a dude ranch in Wyoming. His son was struggling with learning the multiplication tables but, as McCall noticed, had no trouble at all memorizing Rolling Stones lyrics. Here is, perhaps, my pettiest enthusiasm of all: I adore Schoolhouse Rock. It is the thread that has kept education in this country from going to shit and if you disagree with meRead More


Freeing the Inner Wilderness: A Conversation with Filmmaker Josephine Decker

by Katy Kelleher Certain stories get told over and over again for a reason. Usually, the stories that survive for centuries dance around (or wallow in) our base themes: lust, violence, greed, vengeance. These ugly things are the stones that build our fairytales, the foundation for our myths. From different mouths and different lips come the same timeless stories, repeated, recited, and regurgitated, over and over, and we never tire of it. At least, I don’t. I’ve loved folk and fairytales all my life. I like them modern, I likeRead More

I Was an Amazon Chew Toy

by Corina Zappia I moved to Seattle five years ago, after being laid off from my job in New York at one of those startups where employees rally around the VC-fueled dream until they’re dumped via email and locked out of the office. A job at a larger, more established company like Amazon sounded good. Solid. For my second round of job interviews, I had been called in for meetings at the department’s temporary office in the Columbia Center tower. In a city where executives wear faded jeans and backpacksRead More

The City of Doral Presents Miss Universe Celebration of Nations Parade The contestants showcased their countries to Doral during this citywide parade and food festival. See who takes home the crown on January 25th @ 8pm/7c on NB. Stay Connected! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @MissUniverse Store: Category: 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant – Contestant Interviews

The City of Doral Presents the Miss Universe Welcome Event The contestants kick-off the pageant at the Downtown Doral Park. 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant. See who takes home the crown on January 25th @ 8pm/7c on NBC. Stay Connected! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @MissUniverse Store: Category: 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant – Contestant Interviews

Bill Cosby’s Show Will Go On: Comedian Says He’s ”Far From Finished,” Calls Comedy Tour ”Family, Fun Entertainment”

Despite dealing with backlash and hecklers during his recent stand-up show in Canada, Bill Cosby continues to press forward with his latest North American comedy tour, issuing a statement today in…

It Was “Tough” for Derek Hough to Leave Dancing With the Stars, but Will He Be Back?

The DWTS ballroom will be down a Hough come March.  Fans of Dancing With the Stars were disappointed when they heard Derek Hough, a fan-favorite pro who has won five seasons, would…