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Calvin Klein design Handbag creation 2014-2015

Calvin Klein, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of PVH Corp.,

Nina Ricci Handbags Creation and Design 2014-2015

Nina Ricci designed gowns while Robert managed the business and

May We All Find Gold

by Jazmine Hughes Five years ago today, a man changed. What started off as a pedestrian interaction with nature—”a hike,” he might’ve thought, “just like all the others”—transformed, in a word, everything. Behold this new discovery, behold this instance of unbridled joy, this pure call of euphoria, the shattered belief in lonely rainbows. What we have hear is magnificent, crystallizing moment of a man becoming one with nature—or did he become two? In the last moments of the film—and a film it truly is, as it contains all the elementsRead More

SAİNT LAURENT Handbags coletion and design 2014-2015

Yves Saint Laurent YSL (also known as Saint Laurent Paris)

Versace Handbags Collection and Design 2014-2015

Versace Collection traces its origins back to 1991 with a

In Search of a Deal on Wheels

by Meaghan O’Connell Yesterday, at the car dealership, the car salesman acted quickly. What do you do? Where are you from? What are you interested in? I knew from the internet not to tell him what we did—that he was trying to suss out what kind of money we had. But responding to a direct question with a polite answer is ingrained in me. How could I look away? There was a window to look out of, but, still, I said, “Oh. I’m a writer and he’s in marketing.” IRead More


An Interview with the Lady Aye, the Dorothy Parker of Sword Swallowers

by Kirsten Schofield I grew up as a very serious, adult-like child, but I have grown into a very childish adult. As a result, I am mildly obsessed with the circus. It’s my dream for my Google search results to autocomplete to “Kirsten Schofield Circus,” so I’ll always take on an assignment where I get to talk to professional mischief-makers. A couple weeks ago, I was working on a story about “hot guys who are also clowns,” and I got deep into circus research. My friend pointed me in theRead More

DKNY Handbags collection and designer 2014-2015

The mission of the Donna Karan Company, as a design

Costumes, Clothing, Class, and Consciousness

by Haley Mlotek It is no surprise, then, that director Ava DuVernay chose two-time Oscar nominee Ruth Carter to bring such a complex history to life. Carter has worked on more than 50 films, including Amistad, Malcolm X and Lee Daniels’ The Butler. I recently spoke with Carter, who offered exclusive details about how she and her small team of five crafted all of the looks for Selma. As a historian of the civil rights movement who writes about gender and fashion politics, I can say that Carter gets itRead More

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