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Somewhere in the end goal of every man and woman is to learn how to have the best possible relationships with each other. That can mean anything – monogamy, swinging, whatever your heart desires. In fact there can be no boundaries put on expression or sexuality. You must find what you like and make it your way. What is most interesting about the seduction, dating and self-help industries is how rare healthy relationships are. Of course many men and women in those industries have had relationships but very few haveRead More

Here For The Right Reasons

by Haley Mlotek Chris Harrison is one of the smoothest motherfuckers I’ve ever met. On-screen he is able to do something that I believe men are generally not wired for: He can sit there and listen to a woman, allow her to emote and cry, and never interrupt, never try to shut her down or clean her up. Sure, it’s good television to let the tears flow, but still, it’s rare to find a man who can allow himself to allow it. When it’s time to ask a contestant toRead More

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

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2 Phallic 2 Furious

by Haley Mlotek I mean, what am I going to do, not read a memoir by a man born with two dicks? I’m not made of stone. I’m also not a person very into sexual subtlety; as a noted Canadian Internet Pervert, I have a particular brand to uphold. Last year I, like so many of my fellow Internet Perverts of all nations, enjoyed a uniquely entertaining Reddit AMA. “I am the guy with two penises,” a user named DoubleDickDude posted on January 1st, 2014, the implication being we hadRead More

Today in Kanye

by Jazmine Hughes If you, like me, woke up on January 1st, 2015 and immediately checked Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, you would’ve seen that Kanye has released a new song, ‘Only One,’ and it’s Kim’s favorite Kanye song, so you can finally stop asking her. Featuring Paul McCartney, ‘Only One’ is written from the perspective of West’s deceased mother, Donda, talking to his North West. Say what you will about Kanye, but his love for his mother is steadfast and absolute, and we see it replicated for his daughter, too. HelloRead More

Members Of An Elite Squad

by Hannah Giorgis The opening lines of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit are etched into my brain in a way that makes “members of an elite squad” flow off my tongue as though it were a nickname for my family. My father has always loved procedurals—CSI, Cold Case Files, NCIS, you name it. He can watch for hours at a time and revel in the way they made his brain tick. He is a systems analyst by trade, and crime shows allow him to keep solving puzzles long afterRead More

Having It Blergh

by Haley Mlotek The popular thinking is that the term went from empowering to delusional, running up against the hard truths of reality to get worn down to the spurious fantasy underneath. Feminists, according to this narrative, were the ones who promised women they could have it all—rewarding career, loving partner, cheerful brood—and then couldn’t deliver…Hence the sad fate of the Career Bogeywoman, her soul sucked dry by her high-powered job, her children barely nourished by the dregs of maternal instinct that managed to survive her outsize ambition. Lol, “havingRead More

Happy New Year, Everything is the Same

by Jazmine Hughes Welcome back, you guys! The break is over, and we’re back here in your beautiful faces, each and every week day. How was your break? I started Scandal and got a Clarisonic, so those will pretty much be the only two things I talk about in 2015. Haley went to Miami and set me a lot of sunglasses emojis. I hate her too. Before we begin, here are two editorial notes: in December, we relaunched the Women of Our Year series to run during the holidays, butRead More

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I am 6 weeks away from my first marathon at age 50. My goal is to run it in 3:45:00 or less. Training is going well, but I am concerned that I need…