Friday, December 19th, 2014


Asian Beef Meatballs

Asian Beef Meatballs Sautéed mushrooms, celery and garlic add flavor and help keep calories in check and portions hearty in this easy Asian beef meatball recipe. Serve as the base for lettuce wraps or on top of steamed brown rice with baby bok choy for a quick dinner.

Mac & Cheese with Collards

Mac & Cheese with Collards Dark leafy collards add bold flavor and boost the calcium in this healthy skillet mac and cheese recipe with a crispy topping. If you don’t have collards, kale, Swiss chard and spinach are delicious substitutes.

Blackened Tofu with Succotash

Blackened Tofu with Succotash In this Southern-inspired healthy vegetarian recipe, the crispy, spice-infused tofu is served with an easy succotash of corn, lima beans and bell pepper. For an extra kick, serve with your favorite hot sauce.

Pimiento-Cheese Patty Melt

Pimiento-Cheese Patty Melt A healthy pimiento-cheese spread makes an insanely delicious topping for this easy patty melt recipe. To keep the bread-to-burger ratio even (and calories in check), look for a smaller loaf of country bread or cut large slices in half.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Coleslaw

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Coleslaw This eastern North Carolina-style chicken barbecue recipe is vinegar-based, a far cry from the sweet tomato-heavy sauces from the western part of the state. Double the recipe to make a big batch, perfect for game-day parties and potlucks.

Bourbon-Glazed Pork Chops with Hoppin’ John

Bourbon-Glazed Pork Chops with Hoppin’ John In this one-skillet dinner recipe, Kentucky bourbon gives a kick to these sticky glazed pork chops. In the healthier black-eyed pea Hoppin’ John, this easy recipe uses smoked paprika instead of traditional ham or bacon.

Spinach & Sausage Gnocchi

Spinach & Sausage Gnocchi Some like it hot—but if you don’t, sweet Italian turkey sausage is also delicious in this healthy gnocchi recipe. Serve with a mixed green salad with sherry vinaigrette.

Chicken & Gnocchi Dumplings

Chicken & Gnocchi Dumplings This crowd-pleasing gnocchi recipe is perfect for an easy weeknight comfort meal. Get all the flavors of chicken and dumplings without having to make the dumplings when you use gnocchi in their place.

Fish with Coconut-Shallot Sauce

Fish with Coconut-Shallot Sauce This easy fish recipe with a flavorful garlic, thyme and coconut sauce is perfect for a healthy weeknight dinner. Serve with brown rice, to soak up the creamy sauce, and a green salad with vinaigrette.

Sautéed Snapper & Shrimp with Creole Sauce

Sautéed Snapper & Shrimp with Creole Sauce In this island-inspired fish recipe, celery, bell pepper, tomatoes and wine complement the shrimp and fish. Serve this healthy fish recipe with brown rice, couscous or quinoa to soak up the fragrant sauce.