18 Words Forever Ruined For Restaurant Workers

Substitutions: the bane of your existence.



What it usually means: A 30-minute period to eat, catch up on texts, and prepare yourself for the remainder of your shift.

What it means to a restaurant worker: A two-minute period spent drinking out of a quart container and eating over a garbage can.




What it usually means: Small changes to preexisting menu items based on personal preferences.

What it means to a restaurant worker: Absurd requests that require both the server and kitchen staff to bend over backwards to complete.

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What it usually means: A website for people to read and write restaurant reviews.

What it means to a restaurant worker: A place to catch up on restaurant gossip and read about mistakes you and your coworkers have made.


“Lunch Hour”

"Lunch Hour"

What it usually means: A break in the middle of the day for employees to eat lunch, relax, and recharge for the remainder of their workday.

What it means to a restaurant worker: Two hours of complete and total chaos marked by an endless wave of difficult customers in a hurry to eat.

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