​​You Need Brow Gel More Than You Thought!

Brow gel might be more
important than you thought. Did you know that when a hair is plucked from
a follicle, assuming you don’t permanently damage the follicle in the process, the
hair will undoubtedly grow back, but it can come back at an awkward angle? It’s
true. Without guidance, a hair can point any which way. Particularly as
we age, hairs sprouting from damaged follicles begin to make you look downright
Usually, the direction of hair growth is guided by the angle of the
follicle. But if your follicle is damaged or altered, you lose that sense
of direction. Plucking, scarring, or any kind of damage including simple aging
could be the culprit.

Not only can a good brow gel
mask this problem if you have directionless, unruly brows, it can also help to
prevent it. Using brow gel regularly holds both old AND up-and-coming hairs in
place so they are “trained” to grow in the proper direction.

Want the best brow gel
around? Look no further than BDB! Yes, it will help you look your best on a
daily basis, but it can also keep your future brows on the right track.

The source | Compaign 35

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